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Tending to your relationship...

This six session marriage enrichment series provides couples with opportunities to enhance marital fulfillment.    It is offered as support, enrichment and skill enhancment.    Dr. Valentine assists you in your efforts to problem solve and be successful in your partnership.


At Valentine Psychology, we start with a self assessment on factors associated with marital fulfillment, effective communication and problem solving.   We then proceed with a program aimed at building communication and problem solving skills.   We set goals to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and gratification to create strong, lasting unions.


Each couples' program is individually tailored to their needs.    Time For A Better Marriage by Dan Carlson, Ph.D. and Don Dinkmeyer, Sr. Ph. D. and Couple Skills, Making Your Relationship Work by Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Patrick Farming, and Kim Paleg, Ph.D. are used as companion resources.   We are located in Garner, NC, just 10 minutes from Raleigh. 


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